With a comprehensive and committed approach, Visso bases its value proposition on creating a positive impact in the business environmental, and social realms. The company is dedicated to designing, structuring, and executing impact investment projects aimed at contributing to the goals set by its clients and maximizing profitability according to established standards.

Our highly trained team focuses on identifying opportunities that add value to environmental preservation, providing solutions to companies that seek to improve their sustainability indicators to meet regulatory requirements, as well as those involved in Corporate Social Responsibility programs based on ESG criteria.

Specialized in carbon capture, projects, biodiversity conservation, and environmental protection projects, we meticulously design projects that meet the specific needs of investors interested in using them as a compensation mechanism or to fulfill their obligations and commitments related to environmental sustainability and positive social impact. These projects adhere to high- quality standards, including the measurement of greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions to ensure a quantifiable impact and the measurement of biodiversity conservation in larger-scale projects. We address crucial areas such as the reduction and removal of Greenhouse Gases, habitat conservation, deforestation reduction, restoration, and reforestation to generate environmental assets.

At Visso, our actions are based on solid principles of social and environmental responsibility. We facilitate financial resources so that environmental conservation initiatives can obtain economic compensation.

Visso's ability to manage financial resources is a fundamental pillar of our value proposition. We invest in the design and structuring of projects and collaborate with investors who provide additional resources to carry out the conceived initiatives. We believe in business collaboration as a driver of sustainable change and generator of financial returns. We are experts in structuring and managing resource operations for for project development, with notable experience in the management of Private Equity Funds, regulated by the Colombian Financial Superintendence.